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Direct access to what is working in the field for me twice per month so you are always on the cutting edge of success. (replays available in members area).
Nobody else does this ... You're going to learn my exact monthly strategies that earn me 60-100K per month that you can replicate.  Because there is so much room in the market you can piggyback on my exact success strategies. 
Zero chance of failure as my team researches daily profitable products in the private Facebook group... this is crazy!  This one simple daily bonus will give you an unfair advantage and YES there is room for ALL of us. The market place will NEVER get saturated.  Hence we are able to offer a profit gurantee in writing.  
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Because you will be making huge profits, I want you to keep as much as you can to yourself.  After 3 years of working with my professional tax advisor, we came up with     the BEST legal way to save as much profits for yourself and give the least amount to Uncle Sam. 
This bonus is designed specifically for highest success rate humanly possible.   Never be confused as what you need to do to succeed again.  We give you small assignments that only takes 1-2 hours to completed.  Myself and my coaches will grade them before you move on to the next assigment.  YOU can go as FAST as you want!  We never want to hold you back.  By the time you finish all assignments you will have a profitable online business backed by our profit gurantee in writing. 
ZERO catches here. We are just motivating you to do what you KNOW you should allready do.  Because when you do, you will succeed.  In the first 60 days, finish your assignments as FAST as you want and post in the FB group 2 times per week for first 8 weeks. ALL our successful students did this! No fancy lawyer agreeement  -- just simple no surprises profit gurantee. See bottom of the page in Guarantee/Refund Policy terms.  We have nothing to hide.  We want you to succeed... it's really that simple. 
Scanning Nation Access Will Close When The Clock Ends...
Questions & Answers
What if I cannot find profitable products?
That's impossible. Really, get that out of your mind right now.I ask you to keep in mind that I'll be with you at every step of this exciting and new path in your life. It's totally impossible for you not to get profitable products... But even if you have doubts about it, you can go to the Facebook group where we all post our best products daily. Once a month, I will also show you my winning product. In addition to that, I'll give you 2 live webinars and you can ask me questions and I'll be there to resolve any possible doubt that you have. In addition to that, you will receive my personal guidelines for achieving exceptional performance in building your business. So, you're SO covered. 
There is no second option. This is not about being successful or not. You are going to be successful no matter what. This is about taking action. If you take action, I'll take action and make this happen for you.Once you get out there and start scanning, I guarantee... You'll find a profitable product. Just go out there and scan. You have to practice your craft. And in a matter of no time, your eyes will be open to a whole new world. It really will.
What countries does this work in? 
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. 
If everyone is doing this and buying from the same places will not get too competitive?
That's impossible. It's not going to happen. We are not swimming in a pool... We are swimming in the ocean. That started to become clear to me when I got involved in this. When you have a clear course of action to follow, when you have the right knowledge, then it is very simple to understand how things will happen. That's what I will explain to you in this training. There are so many items to buy and sell. And the best thing here is that I'm going to share the best articles you find in our Facebook community. There is enough room for all of us. It is like a needle in a haystack 
What is your money back guarantee?
Hey!I have something better that a money back guarantee...! I CAN LEGALLY GUARANTEE YOUR PROFITS... And this is how I do it.I offer you a NO COMPETITION PROFIT GUARANTEE. And what is this all about? Well, this is a bulletproof element that ensures your total success. We're gonna make that you obtain huge profits no matter what. And even in front of the minimum probability that you fail... And I want to point out here a real fact. Just 1% of my students used this guarantee in the past. Almost no one. But if you, for some unexplainable reason, don't get profitable in record time... Then you can use this amazing guarantee where I will get on a one on-one personal call with you to figure out what's not working and fix it... Or, if you prefer it, you can ask for a total refunding of your minimum investment plus one hundred dollars that I will give you for all the trouble. To qualify, all you have to do is: Finish your tiny assignments on time and post on the FB 
group twice p/week... And that's all. I trust in your capabilities and I totally bet my own credibility about the power of what I'm about to teach you... But if you want to take this guarantee, you can totally do it. I'm putting this here to make you feel totally sure about how serious I am and how formidable this business is,ok?  Please see the exact terms in footer lower right "Guarantee and Refund Policy.  We want to be 100% upfront.  
Do I have to get lots of reviews to be successful?
No, you don't. If you're still a rookie to Amazon... Amazon loves that. They want more people to do business with them.And that’s what we are covering here. If you use the private label business model, yes you do. But in this case, all the reviews are already written. You're selling items just straight from the shelves thatalready had been established... You're not establishing them. It's already covered. When I started,I had zero reviews... And you have seen my results.One of the amazing things about this business is that we don't compete with high ranking sellers. They don't sell the items we sell. We sell products with limited sellers so profit is always good.For example, if someone needs buckets, who the hell needs a review for that? The answer is... Nobody. You buy the bucket and that's all. Another example... Let's say cereal. People just want to buy the freakin cereal. They already know the product... They don't need someone to tell them that the cereal they've eaten during all their lives is good or not. And so on... There are hundreds of products that fall into this category. Here I can show you some of them... (screenshots). This is like a game. Once you understand it, you're gonna play it until you make $1,000,000 per year and beyond.
What percentage of Amazon sales are pure profit? 
The percentage of profit is on average about 25% but, as I told you before... Opportunities are everywhere! You can go as high to about 35% if you find great products.
How much do I need to invest in inventory?
This is one of the best parts of this deal... You don't need too much. I get that question all the time. It's up to you. When I first started, I remember it was around a few hundred dollars and I actually went around and look for products in my house... Look for products in my parents' house that weren't open or used. I found acoupleandI sent them. But we have other members that use credit cards. As soon as they make money, they pay those credit cards off. It's up to you. You can spend $20 or $50. Just for Christmas, my children used $100 to start their business. The scale doesn't matter. Whatever you have, you can start with. So, that's a really cool part of what I'm showing you here
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